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Have you ever stopped to consider

all the things that exist beyond our immediate perception ?

The world is full of mysteries that are waiting to be discovered,
from the microscopic realm of atoms and subatomic particles, to the vast and unknowable expanse of the spiritual or supernatural realm.
Our understanding of reality is limited by our senses, our technology, and our knowledge, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the unseen world and expand our understanding of the universe.

Are you curious about the mysteries that lie beyond our perception ?

Do you want to learn more about the hidden forces that shape our world and our experiences ?
Whether you’re interested in science, spirituality, psychology, or all of the above, there is something fascinating to be discovered in the unseen world.
So come join us on a journey of discovery, and let’s explore the mysteries that lie just beyond our reach.



Toroa Aperahama

Photo taken by Marijke Kodden

Mr. Aperahama is a Maori elder who grew up in ancient tribal structures and was trained in ancestral knowledge as a wisdom keeper.

He is an honorary member of the Vanuatu Council of Polynesian Chiefs, a TEDtalk speaker, a traditional Maori carver (Kaiwhakaiiro), a traditional Maori storyteller (Manu Korero) and a HAKA teacher (Kai Haka).

Toroas Gallery

Raised and educated according to traditional customs and values, he has received, as an elected shadowman and record keeper, ancestral healing knowledge and holds the family and ancestral memory of his people.

He is a passionate supporter of the youth environmental movement.

With dedication he cares for even more young people, sometimes confused and lost, in their life journey.

Course of the retreat

The retreat will take place over 3 days, Tuesday, Wesdnesday and Thursday with a first introductional teaching on Monday evening.
♦ Monday evening de 19h à 21h  (Meet&Greet)

Monday night, Toroa talks about his culture and worldview, our origins, our ancestors and much more.

An exceptional encounter with the extraordinary personality of Maori elder TOROA and astonishing explanations of how our different cultures are linked together.


♦ Tuesday, Wednesday 10h to 18h +  Thursday 10h to 16h (retraite)

description is coming soon 


The conditions of this workshop even allow for an overnight stay in the traditional MARAE style. Nous en discuterons et déciderons sur place.

Additional Information

Site : 

56800 Campénéac

Participation :

Participation                                370€    contact me if this is really an obstacle

Accommodation on site              45€ à 75€   (15€ à 25€ per night)     optional

Contact & Inscription

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


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